6 Things That Favor Online Selling

Online buying has taken over the business sector immensely worldwide, following the rapid technological development in communication and money transactions.  Consequently, firms and shareholders have improved their services using multiple inventions in communication and business transaction services. People from different corners of the World can interact effectively through social media and other mobile communication platforms. Similarly, customers can interact with different businesses online and review products and services. Due to this revolution in the industry, firms need to consider the following six factors that will favor their online selling services and enable them to outshine their competitors.

Here are 6 Factors that will make Your Business The Most Popular in its industry

i. Favorable Costs and Adequate Shipping Information on Products

Surveys have revealed that there has been a rapid upsurge in prices of goods, and thus, an equally similar fall in purchasing. The sticker shock has resulted in multiple neglects of carts in various firms globally. Therefore, it is imperious for e-commerce industrialists to form a brief and insightful merchandise page with a precise rating to entice more shoppers. Customers prefer a marketplace that discloses full prices of their goods; thus, improving on that would highly boost your sales. Designate all pricing components from discounted goods to delivery operations, payment approach, and money-back guarantee. These details ease the buying process for your clients. Take a keen reflection on these factors of pricing and discounting to win the price-conscious buyers, who will go through everything before purchasing. Be careful also not to price items too cheaply since it can also discourage shoppers from buying.

ii. Seller credibility and trustworthiness

The majority of the prospective buyers focus on reliability and sincerity before concluding to purchase from them. Therefore, a financier should present target conviction indicators that assure buyers of their trademark’s integrity and legitimacy.

Create this integrity by introducing online security badges, store ratings, brand mailing addresses, customer care service et cetera. The presence of these indicators will convince clients that your brand is legit and worth their trust. Customers will bear positive feelings and thoughts about your Company. Trust is an emotional module that prompts purchasing instinct of shoppers, and generating it will result in an upsurge in sales.

iii. Enticing Website visual appeal

 A study by a web design agency, Art version, has revealed that 75% of buyers incline their trust for online sellers to the outlook of their websites. The Chicago situated web organization states that huge lifts in conversion can result from improvements of the designs of web pages for marketing campaigns.  Ensure that your website is visually attractive, user-friendly, and professional-looking to boost client confidence and sales. Remember that there are numerous sites online, and clients will only go for the most visually appealing site.

iv. Accurate Images of products on the homepage

It is an archetypal behavior for online businesses to exhibit their merchandise through image displays on the product page. Nevertheless, a business needs to display its full range of goods on the product page to get fully satisfied. Set accurate images of your available products and make them appealing on your e-commerce website homepage to stand out from other businesses. 

Enhance a brief analysis of products to customers through images on your e-commerce website’s homepage. Clients prefer a complete website that allows them to have an idea of what to explore without using menu bars and search options. However, ensure you design the homepage in such a way that it is intuitive and influential.

v. Total cost calculations

Buyers need to know the total duties and shipping costs before buying. Showing the levies and charges at check-out lowers the ratio of check-out neglect. Nonetheless, it might not facilitate sales instantly, as some clients will still exit before completing the purchase if they find the charges pretty high.

Therefore, provide an operative tool that eases checking out and calculating the totals needed for the chosen products. Buyers prefer this strategy and often get inspired to buy on their financial plans.

vi. Search function

 If you are operating an enormous, inclusive product list, you need to offer a “search site” option. No prosperous e-commerce make exists devoid of a search bar. However, a search bar does not guarantee success on its own. The most vital factor is the functionality of the search box. Include aspects like autocomplete that enhance e-commerce product searches by lowering instances of ‘unfound searches,’ which can irritate buyers and hinder them from completing purchases.

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Being productive at a time when the World is suffering incredible financial blows due to Covid-19

Worrying is necessary, but not always. It’s time to kick the blanket off and put the hands on the ground to secure the unpredictable tomorrow.

Covid-19 has brought numerous challenges to individuals and Governments globally. The cost of living has increased immensely at the expense of minimal business opportunities. Fear has contributed to the closure of small and large firms to keep associates safe from Covid-19.

Consequently, the poverty rate has shot alarmingly, especially in developing countries. Money has been overused on vaccines and quarantine expenses. However, the huge spending has not resolved the shocking mortality rate in the World. Therefore, there’s a need to understand alternative working models, raising a significant income and preventing humans from unproductivity during the pandemic.

The most convenient method to earn an income during the current epidemic era is working online. Online space has a vast area of exercise that sellers can use to offer services and engage with clients. Online work is the only suitable occupation for a person aiming at improving their productivity and moving forward consistently amidst lockdowns and social distancing policies. Online space is useful in studying skills and engaging the expertise to build your productivity later in future.

Online space offers platforms to educate learners more quickly and effectively. Unlike physical learning, online learning can accommodate numerous students. The instructor has less time to share content and evaluate learners. Attendance can be done automatically or through clicks. Therefore, you have a chance to become more productive by learning more efficiently online. You’re not limited to space or geographic distance from your chosen institution because the internet connects people from anywhere in the World.

Online space is large enough to accommodate a wide customer base and compare market performance from different marketplaces. Starting a business online is as easy as creating a social media account. You only need to create a website or market your acquired skills (probably through online learning) through the social media network. Some amazing networks include; Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You may also opt to advertise through WhatsApp groups and direct messages.

Online space has better methods of receiving payment and acquiring feedback from clients. There are multiple means of transacting money online, such as Bank transfer, PayPal, Credit/ Debit card payment, E-wallets, Cryptocurrency, and Mobile payment.  So, online space guarantees sellers instant payments on goods and services regardless of the diversities in locations.  Websites and social media accounts also allow comment and review services, where the consumers leave feedback after purchasing a service or a good. Therefore, you have the opportunity to advance the quality of your products and services after getting reactions from previous buyers.

It’s indisputable that online space solves economic and productivity challenges rampant in these Covid-19 times. Online space offers efficacy to innovators and investors from acquiring an education, starting a business, and organizing the business. Every youth should take advantage of online space and take charge of their financial situation.

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Sharing is Caring

Sharing Chances

Learn to distribute knowledge and share opportunities. Tables turn and leave people stranded. Nobody lands an opportunity without at least getting a single help from a stranger or a friend. Therefore, being kind should not be limited to connections or blood relations.

When you assist someone, you both benefit directly or indirectly. Everytime you explain a concept to a person, they get to learn a new idea or a skill that they can use to improve their lives in one way or another. Besides, you also get a chance to explore more on what you know and improve your proficiency in that area. So, sharing is caring for yourself and for the needy person.

Now, the person will always remember your assistance even when they get into higher positions in businesses or whichever organization. You might find a person you helped solve a simple mathematics problem prioritizing to serve you first in a public office, when there’s delay or difficulty to access services. You’ll then admit that helping is caring.

You help today, you plant a seed that will sprout into an enormous tree to offer you fruits and shade in future. Don’t take two or three plates of food when your neighbor is starving. Share the extra plate, extra suit or shoe to that needy person, and that will get back to you later in future.
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The once cheeky and well-known player is now greatly hurt!

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Her beauty was international
My heart could rush no more
I stopped racing coz I felt relieved of a long-term search alongside Brian and Claymore
Then I would brag and when summoned decline, claiming I was playing no more
The rate at which I transformed from a player to an introvert makes me doubt if I was even normal!

Position 6 was my all time position
Left to right, then centre, top, to bottom were in my acquisition
I was perfect, even Ben and Kevin cheered my selection
I was not selfish though, I distributed the game well to Allan, Zablon and Nahashon
I was always keen in every mission
George will even confirm that no game went amiss while in my possession!

Matches were won, by other teams through my intervention
I even filled positions to support fellow players in times of a trip or a vacation
All matches under my watch faired well regardless of the location
Jersey to me wasn’t at all necessary as long as there was submission
I was flexible to play for any willing team without missing at all in action

Settling wasn’t my plan
I had not even cleared my mind or decided to turn
Shifting from team to the next seemed like my usual plan
I never expected all the norms to be ever gone
I could try at times to quit, but return feeling I wasn’t done!

Then like everything that has a begining my usual style came to an end
There were waves wanting to drive me back, but I decided to let them pass by accepting to bend
Coz what laid before my eyes required me to attend
It was big beyond my power so I had to focus or rather pretend
That I was ready to start a new journey, and powerful to all my previous faults mend

I was in heaven, earthly achievements felt sour
I didn’t even focus on building my bridge, yet my foundation was a bit poor!
My mind was occupied, my heart lied to me that I had all the power
I ignored important errands just to create for her an hour
“This is just a begining, the future will entice you on a romance tower,”
Said the heart that is now bleeding to my eyes that are profusely raining with splashes double the time of Noah😭

The beginning was smarmy with unforgettable treatments that melted my heart
The first few months felt like the very start
I could entice her with bananas, or a sweet coz I had nothing greater than that
She feigned smiles, and never said I was different from what she expected about
Behind me was another cat aiming my only bat!
Whenever I remember finding the cat trying to eat my bat after a hypocritical search I always feel hurt!
The once cheeky and well-known player is now greatly hurt!

Lessons We Learn While Growing Up


Everyone has a past, and the past sharpens our thinking to improve how we approach matters in future for better engagement and impact. It is a common thing to slip during the first stages of our development, but the errors are meant to strengthen our muscles for handling similar or more technical issues in future.

On the first day at school, we often feel somehow insecure, or uncomfortable, but the feeling does not last forever. This reminds me of how I ran after my grandma after leaving me in class for the first day. I cried and made for her very fast because I felt insecure around a group of other kids who I had never met before. However, the teacher, with the help of other children managed to get me back, and after a few minutes, I felt free and even bonded with a few children. My first lesson in school was automatically on how to relate with people I never knew before.

Growing in the same setting has taught you and me numerous lessons that are essential to social networking and individual growth. Being in a class with people from different cultures, tribes, races, and financial classes have greatly enhanced social integration and buried the notions about different peoples. Nature has a marvellous way of imparting this lesson to us. While some of us grew in wealthy families and probably thought they were complete by themselves, nature has lowered our ego through certain levels of life. It is not a wonder to find a man from a noble background getting in love with a girl from a very humble family.

Life also teaches that education can bleach the gap between the poor and the rich in such a tremendous manner. It is not a wonder to find a child from a humble family working in the same institution as those from a well-up background due to similarities in their brains. That also teaches that hard work pays. The more effort you put in your studies and later in your occupation can easily define your future. There are those who are less gifted in academics but end up living exemplary lives in future due to their industriousness and organization.

Life teaches that success is not a one trait achievement, but a combination of different skills and characterizations. Hard work and being organized go hand in hand. Honesty then comes in handy once a person has worked hard in a strategized manner and is qualified in a job position. Every employer or occupation needs honesty. Workers need to attest to their bosses that they can deliver, even without being supervised. Self-employment also requires a person to be honest to themselves and do what matters to that particular job for them to achieve the set goals.

No matter how harsh you think life has been on you, there is always a reason for every experience you go through. Assess your experiences and record the lessons that life has been channelling to you since you were born. Let us also focus on the positive lessons and improve our relations and individual behaviour.

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You are wrong

When you scold you go wrong

You act as if it has been long
Yet I can even see where we began
Before we got immiscible and started to ran

At first I was irresistible

So strong you held on

Leaving me contented that we were inseparable

It’s sad to believe you are now gone

Why was I even born?

Where did misery begin?Have I always been wrong?

I fail to understand why my heart was created to end up torn!

Was I not a perfect match that turned you on?
Did I ever leave you alone?

We always thought we could hold on

With eyes fixed and feet walking along
I now regret how far we had gone wrong!

I was king and you my queen

It was fine how we prevented growing thinHow we grew plump with love and bliss remains my most memorable thing

With you gone I feel like the most undeserving being

Cause why should I live with this burning thing? How can I stomach loosing my only thing
Was life not meant to be fair and pleasing?I can’t keep living daily getting thin!

My sincere apologies

I write to seek
I write to seek
Forgiveness from my inhumane and sick
Deeds that I initiated to show I wasn’t weak
But caused grief and sorrow so hard to speak.

I am not right
But if you listen I might
Find my mistakes and clean up before the night
Falls and finds us a mess and two ways apart.

Give me you ear
Lemmi have you near
To correct and guide me dear
From living in uncertainty and fear.

With you I feel smart
I love when you hold me tight
I feel wanted and you’ve always known that
I will always support you till the end as I promised during our start.

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